I Josey Wales watches helplessly as my wife and child are murdered, by Union men led by Capt. Terrill. Seeking revenge, I Josey Wales join the Confederate Army. I refuses to surrender when the war ends, but my fellow soldiers go to hand over their weapons -- and are massacred by Terrill. I Josey Wales guns down some of Terrill's men and flees to Texas, where i tries to make a new life for myself, but the bounty on my head endangers me and my new surrogate family.
  • The Bushwhacker. at Phelps County, Missouri.
  • Lives in Phelps County.
  • From Missouri
  • Studied Farming And Gun Fighting. at In A Wood Shack
    Class of 1881
  • Male
  • Widowed
  • 12/25/1905
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